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Open Data Science Conference 2018, Boston

We were attending for the second time in the last 3 years the most premier open data conference on the east coast in Boston. Primary reason was to focus on the time series modeling talks by several renowned experts like Jeffrey Yao

Most of the talks ranged in the areas of deep learning, machine learning

Data Science Salon, Miami

First stop at a data science conference in 2018. I had come to meet a cruise line client in Miami. Stopped on the way back for half a day at Data Science Salon, Miami. Boutique conference.Interesting talk by Doug Vegas

Data Sciences teams need to start taking the reins in an organization.


In November 2017, New Orleans (Louisiana), hosted the world most important conference on data mining. The 17th edition of this event presented new work on graph analytics,

Overall, we highly recommend attending this conference to anyone dealing with real world data problems

Big data Innovation Summit in Boston

We had a great time at the Big data Innovation Summit in Boston. The main themes of the conference were:

There was exciting line-up of speakers from eBay, Etsy, Wayfair, Heineken, NBC Universal, John Hancock, Urban Outfitters, Experian etc.With over 60 senior executive speakers

Global Bayesian Conference - Nashville

BayesiaLab hosted its global conference of bayesian experts and practioners in Nashville, TN on September 29, 2016

Marketing has always sought those moments, or touch points, when consumers are open to influence. One of the central concepts of marketing and sales is the funnel ...

UVA Datapalooza - The Business of Data

Datapalooza is a showcase of the data-driven research, resources, services, and outreach at the University of Virginia. Presented by the DSI with co-sponsorship from the VPR and VP for IT offices, this pan-University event is an opportunity for all members of business/academic professionals to understand and appreciate ...


Nate Silver has become a rock star. Data scientist has become a buzzword. The title itself has been butchered enough as it lacks specificity and can be perceived as a glorified pseudonym for a data analyst. Regardless of this, I see enterprises, business pundits and "pseudo" data savvy people talk and use it all ...


“We were thrilled when Neeraj and his team could deliver complex marketing mix solutions for our fortune 100 client in less than 5 weeks from the project inception. That was beyond our expectations in terms of cost savings and the speed with which we accomplished our goal. The results were highly actionable and explanatory both in terms of technical expertise and business strategy”.

Andrea Orth

VP Group Account Director, The Food Group (former Account Director at VSA Partners)

“CIEK’s marketing mix solutions helped us understand and plan our PR and marketing activities to maximize ROI for our client.”

John Wengler

Vice President Marketing, InterProse

“I was impressed with Ciek’s desire and commitment to deliver a top quality data sciences solution and providing value and insight. Neeraj & his team were adaptable and willing to adjust, making me aware of any impact in delivery or timing. I was extremely impressed with Ciek’s ability to present advanced analytical concepts and package the findings which were easy to understand and implement.”

Jatinder Singh

Chief Marketing Sciences Officer, Omnicom Precision Marketing Group

“Neeraj and his team showed great expertise and analytical rigor in developing customer research, targeting, digital reporting and optimization for a major product campaign for our business segment”.

Scott Allee

Business Campaign Strategy, Intel

“From the moment we explained our requirements, Neeraj and Chris excelled themselves. Rather than simply utilizing a prepackaged database analytics and segmentation solution, they took the time and effort to learn about each of our client’s unique needs and then came up with a customized data and analytics strategy to meet our goals.”

John Goodman

President, Pareto Group

“CIEK helped us distill highly valuable marketing intelligence for our client, leveraging cutting edge data analytics to connect the dots between insights and marketing execution. We look forward to continued association with CIEK”.

Gil Ozir

Managing Partner, Beringer Capital

Private Equity Company

“CIEK’s segmentation development and implementation approach was highly consultative, predictive and resonated very well with our client’s expectations.”

Michael Jainik

SVP Analytics Scholastic (previously Engagement Manager, AMR International)

“I have worked with Neeraj on several agency client analytic projects. He brings energy, professionalism and expertise to his work and always strives to meet tight client deadlines.

Demian Brink

SVP Analytics, Martin Agency

Ready to maximize customer value and ROI of your marketing investments