Do you know what to do with your big (or small data)?

We do!

CIEK’s (pronounced “seek”) mission is to help you maximize customer value and return on marketing investments by unlocking the value in your data. By this, we don’t just mean gleaning insights from customer data lying in IT data warehouses but data that you and your customers possess through years of experience in your fields of expertise. We believe that the unique combination of customer intelligence and experiential knowledge makes our insights intuitive, predictive and highly actionable thus driving dramatic growth in your organization.


Our analytics process reflects the connections between two important fields of research: “the customer consumption experience” and “knowledge management” leading to the development of new innovative machine learning process to derive actionable, predictive insights that drive growth and maximize customer value. Traditional approaches to modeling data are essentially “backward looking.” Historical transactional data though highly predictive may not reflect the future of the business. Our predictive modeling process utilizes the experiential knowledge, that you and your customers have, to fine tune the data. The data is then applied and quantified mathematically through machine learning algorithms. This approach takes the lid off the black box of traditional approaches to advanced analytics and predictive models, and reflects how we humanize data analytics.

Our innovative approach thus combines customer intelligence and experiential knowledge (and not just data alone!) to develop insights which quickly gain stakeholder consensus and drive predictive marketing strategies.


  • Combines customer intelligence & experiential knowledge
  • Collaborative analytics process
  • Smart and lean data strategy
  • Stakeholder consensus
  • Shortens time to implementation

Our approach is designed to be:

Consultative: Affordable, collaborative analytics that takes the mystery, not the magic, out of decision sciences.

Actionable: Predictive and transparent analytics process which bridges the gap between business imperatives and marketing execution.

Innovative: An innovative process built on the integration of your experiential knowledge with best-in-class data sources so your company can assimilate and act on the insights delivered by our data-driven solutions.

Our Passion

We help our client’s progress in terms of analytics excellence by designing tools, training seminars, tutorials and workshops to help them successfully apply advanced analytics to the marketing challenges that they face. To sustain our commitment to diversity in data science technology and practice, we work hard to identify, develop and hire talented women, veterans and people of color and invest a portion of our revenue to provide learning experiences, fellowships and employment opportunities leading to STEM careers.

Executive leadership TEAM


President / Chief Data Scientist

As president and founder of CIEK, Neeraj leads the data and analytics vision of the company that helps clients optimize marketing investments with confidence and predict business results with certainty. He also manages an incredible team of data scientists, statisticians and analysts from varied industries who provide cutting-edge analytic solutions that drive significant return on investment for our clients. Prior to CIEK, he co-founded Cooler Heads Intelligence, another startup analytics company and is also currently engaged in several data and technology initiatives in Charlottesville, VA. He was also the vice president and chief data scientist at The Martin Agency, a creative powerhouse that is consistently among the top 10 agencies in North America. He has led major analytic engagements with numerous Fortune 500 companies, including retail, CPG, transportation services, credit and financial services and travel and hospitality.


Technology/Optimization Solutions Consultant

Victor Rwehumbiza is a highly experienced and accomplished analytics leader with demonstrated ability to lead diverse teams of analytics and technology teams to new levels of success in a highly competitive financial/insurance industry. He has strong technical and business qualifications with an impressive track record of more than 20 years of hands-on experience in marketing, strategic planning, business unit development, product development, project management and risk management strategies.


Data Strategy/ Marketing Consultant

Chris Dickey is one of the leading data and social CRM strategist in the country. He has over 20 years of experience in fusing data driven strategy with the imperatives of actionable execution to incrementally impact business and marketing objectives, for maximum ROI. He has worked in senior leadership and consulting roles in power house advertising agencies and with fortune 100 clients like Wal-Mart, Discover, Geico, Pizza Hut and Norwegian Cruise Lines.

Chris earned a MS in Integrated Marketing from Northwestern University and attended executive management training at Harvard Business School. He has served as president of the Kansas City DMA, and has spoken at CTAM, CRMC, NAMA and other conferences on CRM. He has also published articles in Direct, Target Marketing, Ad Age and CMO Strategy. Chris has served at President of Camps for Kids, a non-profit for children with disabilities, as well as a multi-year stint on the Board of Goodwill Industries.


Data Sciences/ Products Consultant

Vishal Patel brings over 15 years of experience applying statistical and machine learning techniques in practical applications across an extensive range of verticals. With a strong analytical mindset and powerful programming skills, he has successfully implemented novel segmentation and other predictive analytics systems on client sites to support strategic decision making and improve efficiency of marketing efforts. He has worked as a lead data scientist across several fortune 100 clients like IBM, Sprint-Nextel, Pizza Hut, Jaguar and Sears. Vishal has won awards from several data mining competitions in the past, and has an unrelenting zest to learn new tools and techniques in data mining.



Research Consultant

Adrianne Calabria has over 10 years of research and customer insights experience. She has developed and analyzed quantitative research projects, including creative testing, consumer attitudes and usage, product concept testing and brand positioning. She has worked with several market research and advertising agencies including Mckinney to execute primary and secondary research projects for several automotive clients like Jaguar, Mini, Cadillac, Audi and Ford and retail clients like Staples and Meijer.

Jeanette Hallerman

Statistical Consultant

Jeannette has over 15 years of work experience in the field of data analytics. She has worked as an analytics consultant for Fortune 50 retail and CPG clients. In her free time, she runs wellness and massage therapy programs for corporations.


Dr. Ben Ahmed

Data Scientist

3 years of experience in statistics and datamining


Pavel Sharkov

Data Sciences Consultant

5+ years of experience in data sciences


Jon Meier

Data Scientist

5+ years of experience in data sciences
Bachelors in Computer Sciences, Univ. of Connecticut


Keyur Doshi

Junior Data Scientist

3 years of experience in data sciences and data engineering
Masters in Computer Sciences, Stevens Institute of Technology, NY


Dr. Janu Subramanian

NLP Expert, Data Sciences Consultant

10+ years of experience in quantitative sciences
PhD Operations Research, Quantitative Methodologies, Univ. of North Carolina
BTech. Mechanical Engineering, IIT Delhi


Dr. Utham Kamath

Business Intelligence/Technology Engineer

8+ years of experience in technology application development
PhD Computer Engineering, Univ. of Southern California
BTech. Mechanical Engineering, IIT Delhi

CIEK Advisory Team

Pathikrit Sengupta

Responsible for providing strategic guidance on product and application development for revenue optimization and cross-channel attribution (marketing mix and digital multi-touch). Managing product life cycle from defining use-case and solutions, data architecture, wireframing, interface design, testing and deployment.

Path has 25+ years of experience in leading cross channel media and consumer analytics teams across various industries. He has previously worked in leadership roles in analytics and data management strategy at IRI, MediaVest, Hill Holiday and NBC Universal.

Rod Wright

C-Suite executive with demonstrated ability to simultaneously grow revenue, improve profitability, and increase both customer and employee satisfaction on a global basis. Practical experience in:

  • Customer Centric Revenue Growth: configure services to unique client needs via scalable infrastructure
  • Product Innovation: solve business problems via prescriptive analytics served thru cloud-based technology
  • Operational Productivity and Efficiency: drive relentless focus on quality and reducing cost to deliver
  • Culture Transformation: perform, collaborate, be transparent

Rod has worked most recently as COO at Urban Science, Michigan. He has also worked previously in leading roles at J.D. Power & Associates and Accenture.

Taymour Matin

Taymour Matin is the founder of Adanaso, LLC, a strategic market research/strategy consultancy. He has been a thought leader in strategic analytics for two decades. As a pioneer in applying analytics to marketing strategy, he has significantly enhanced the financial performance of businesses by integrating proven methodologies with client-specific innovations in media, customer measurement (both digital and offline), and more effective targeting. He is passionate about developing scalable customer-centric strategies to drive productivity. Taymour established, developed, and led analytics teams at WPP and Publicis, Walmart, Wells Fargo, GE, Equifax, and BellSouth. He holds a BA in International Finance from The George Washington University, and an MBA from Seattle University.




“We were thrilled when Neeraj and his team could deliver complex marketing mix solutions for our fortune 100 client in less than 5 weeks from the project inception. That was beyond our expectations in terms of cost savings and the speed with which we accomplished our goal. The results were highly actionable and explanatory both in terms of technical expertise and business strategy”.

Andrea Orth

VP Group Account Director, The Food Group (former Account Director at VSA Partners)

“CIEK’s marketing mix solutions helped us understand and plan our PR and marketing activities to maximize ROI for our client.”

John Wengler

Vice President Marketing, InterProse

“I was impressed with Ciek’s desire and commitment to deliver a top quality data sciences solution and providing value and insight. Neeraj & his team were adaptable and willing to adjust, making me aware of any impact in delivery or timing. I was extremely impressed with Ciek’s ability to present advanced analytical concepts and package the findings which were easy to understand and implement.”

Jatinder Singh

Chief Marketing Sciences Officer, Omnicom Precision Marketing Group

“Neeraj and his team showed great expertise and analytical rigor in developing customer research, targeting, digital reporting and optimization for a major product campaign for our business segment”.

Scott Allee

Business Campaign Strategy, Intel

“From the moment we explained our requirements, Neeraj and Chris excelled themselves. Rather than simply utilizing a prepackaged database analytics and segmentation solution, they took the time and effort to learn about each of our client’s unique needs and then came up with a customized data and analytics strategy to meet our goals.”

John Goodman

President, Pareto Group

“CIEK helped us distill highly valuable marketing intelligence for our client, leveraging cutting edge data analytics to connect the dots between insights and marketing execution. We look forward to continued association with CIEK”.

Gil Ozir

Managing Partner, Beringer Capital

Private Equity Company

“CIEK’s segmentation development and implementation approach was highly consultative, predictive and resonated very well with our client’s expectations.”

Michael Jainik

SVP Analytics Scholastic (previously Engagement Manager, AMR International)

“I have worked with Neeraj on several agency client analytic projects. He brings energy, professionalism and expertise to his work and always strives to meet tight client deadlines.

Demian Brink

SVP Analytics, Martin Agency

Ready to maximize customer value and ROI of your marketing investments